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Is a frosh and an alum simultaneously.
Is a frosh and an alum simultaneously. --KatherineErickson

Has a face

GreatEvil... has an author.

Not actually a frosh, no matter what his wiki page has been saying for the last year and a half. KevinBergemann is actually an alum, of the class of 2007. He's a PhysicsMajor, and quite enjoys it. During his last semester he took JediQuantum, which allowed him to do the Jedi mind trick on unsuspecting frosh. He was the only E&M frosh for his year, which let him take fun BabyQuantum his second semester. (It's a fun course; I recommend everyone take it.) He also enjoys studying Japanese, though course conflicts (and sanity) kept him from taking more than two semesters of it during his time at Mudd.

His AIM SN is Kevin000016?. This is based off a inside joke from his high school that no one at Mudd would get. He'd change it, but he'd just change it to an inside joke from college, which would be just as pointless within a few years. Therefore, he keeps it the same.

He is NotSteve. This is important. Remember it. Other people may claim to also be NotSteve, but they are actually NotNotSteve?.

Kevin Bergemann likes to make BadPuns. Very often. You have been warned. And no amount of physical violence (ViolinS?)has ever been able to make him stop, so you can stop trying already. Really. I meant that.

AHHHHHHHHHHHH, make it stop! - DonNy

Soshite, Kebin Baaguman wa nihon'go ga suki da yo! Demo, keigo ga amari joozu ja nai. Sumimasen. Kookoojuu to daigaku no niban'me no shimesutaa nihon'go o ben'kyoo shite imasu. Sore ni, anime o miru koto ga tanoshii to omou. Watashi no nihon'go ga zen'bu tadashii ka?

Lived in East 170. Had a single, which made him very happy. Was the only upper class PhysicsMajor in East, which made him slightly less happy.

Lived in East 107 with JonathanBeall for his sophmore year. Wanted the name Sentient Suite, since it contained both a Steve and a NotSteve, but it never got off the ground. Instead, the suite was ShowerSuite? for the year.

Has a BirthdayThatIsSomething.

His head is fuzzy. Very fuzzy. Rubbing it has an amazing therapeudic effect on both the person rubber and the rubbee. Sadly, as he has graduated, his hair will no longer be around to destress people, but MartijnvanSchaardenburg may be able to take his place.

Went to the same HighSchool as SeemaPatel and JulieWortman. Seriously.

Because we needed a place to put it so we can make the node: JonathanBeall.

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Is a frosh and an alum simultaneously. --KatherineErickson


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