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* I would say yes, it does need to be a kiss on the lips. Not necessarily a passionate one, but a peck on the cheek is stretching it a bit much. ---JiBB

The idea here is to see what a tangled web we can weave when we try to map out the interconnectivity of the FunWiki participants.

In order that this has a freshman's chance in PChem of being a GoodIdea, participation should be voluntary.

You and only you may signal participation, by placing on your FunWiki home page the following text block:


This must work on the HonorCode.

Once people have become participants the KissiWeb can grow. Here's how:

How is this different than just linking to each other's pages? The KissiWeb link implies that somewhere, once upon a time, a kiss was exchanged between these people. It does not imply any future, current, or past romantic involvement between the two. It also says nothing regarding the circumstances of the smooch.

Perhaps it's better that way.

Does it imply at least a kiss on the lips, or do things like a peck on the cheek count?

For a visualization of KissiWeb see KissiGraph

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