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** On the other hand, first-level NetHack mages with no mana have no problem taking out GridBug?s or even the occasional KoboldCreature or goblin.

Known to inhabit the basement of HarveyMuddCollege in a quest to protect the students from, well... anything else, really.
They also appear as monsters in most every RoguelikeGame known to humankind. Thus, the following bit of condensed wisdom:

 Cobalt's metal, hard and shining
 COBOL's wordy and confining
 Kobolds topple when you strike them
 Don't feel bad, it's hard to like them.
  -- from The RogueletsAbc

Does ProfessorEvans know about this?

I like Kobolts.

Their defining trait, however, seems to be that they are extremely weak, and thus:

 99 kobolds with spears in the hall 
 99 kobolds with spears
 Take one down, whack it around 
 98 kobolds with spears in the hall.

Kobalt Abuse!

Maybe so. But they're none too kind to 1st-level AngBand mages who've run out of mana, either.

Admitedly this is true.

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