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KwangKetcham is dead, and will soon be going to the University of Oregon, seeking a Ph.D. in mathematics. He graduated in 2010, and was then residing in Sontag 106A. He declared a ComputerScience and MatheMatics double major, at the cost of his sanity; later sought a refund for the CS major, leaving him a Math major and giving his sanity back. Before coming to Mudd, he lived in Nebraska, but his family then moved to Wisconsin, which he finds much better. Aside from being an avid computer gamer, Kwang likes reading science fiction novels, playing chess and SettlersOfCatan and watching anime. Owner of \\Leibniz (now \\Cantor), which people seem not to know. With the help of the rest of TreaSon, built \\Erdos in the fall of 2007, fulfilling his dream of owning an extremely large fileserver. Filled it within the month, and is now looking for more disk space. Proud to see the froshlings build \\Monolith to succeed his disk.

Is currently merging the Synthesis project into his personal music collection. To this end, built \\Gauss in the summer of 2009 for people to help the sorting and tagging process, and also because he wanted to see how much computer he could fit into a case the size of a shoebox (as it turns out, a hell of a lot).

RoomDraw turned him into MartinPyne for a couple weeks every year, but after organizing the pulling of most of first floor Sontag in Room Draw 2009, has declared himself retired (see also: SontagFirstFloorTreasonClusterFuck). Also organized the pull of two adjacent suites in East by TreaSon for the 2007-2008 year.

After discovering DJMaxTechnika at Anime Expo 2009, proceeded to corrupt 9 (and counting) others into making weekly runs to Camelot Golfland and/or Arcade Infinity, one of the nearest machine locations. Is currently in search of a willing arcade in the Eugene area.

It has been suggested that this page be merged with MartinPyne if KwangKetcham ever starts playing WorldOfWarcraft.


Used VNC to 4chan the lounge, demonstrating his evilness and a good reason for east@loungeterm to /not/ have sudo privileges.



As stated above, I'm a huge otaku. As such, I've finally catalogued the anime I've watched, and plan to watch, [here]. The highlights are below; everything else is on my [animelist].

I also now run a (rarely updated) [anime blog].


Voices of a Distant Star (Hoshi no Koe)
Beyond the Clouds (Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho: The Place Promised in Our Early Days)
5 Centimeters per Second (Byousoku 5 Centimeetoru)
ef ~a tale of memories~
ef ~a tale of melodies~


Gravion Zwei
Key the Metal Idol
Puni Puni Poemi --AaronGable


Hikaru no Go
Koukaku no Regios
Michiko to Hatchin
Natsume Yuujinchou
Shikabane Hime (1 season complete, 1 season still airing)
World Destruction
xxxHolic (both seasons, of course)


Schedule for Fall 2007:
 CSCI 070: ChunkyString? and NatSelPath?                 ProfessorONeill               MW       2:45-4:00
 CSCI 081: Prolog and YOU!!                              ProfessorSweedyk             TR       2:45-4:00
  MUS 088: FroshStems?                                   ProfessorAlves                MW       1:15-2:30
 PHYS 051: Enemies & Maniacs                             ProfessorSahakian             TR       9:35-10:50
                                                         ProfessorEsin                 MW       10:00-10:50
 PHYS 053: Enemies & Maniacs Lab                         ProfessorSaeta                F        3:15-5:15
 BIOL 052: Take this, Kansas!                            ProfessorAsai?                MW       11:00-12:15
                                                                                       R        1:15-2:05
 CSCI 189: Top Coder for Credit                          ProfessorDodds                T        4:15-5:30

 CRCK 134: 4 Pool for Fun and Profit                     ProfessorBlizzard?            Sat      7:00-10:00
 CRCK 004: Hunter, Kick Ass! *BLAM*                      ProfessorGamesHMC?            Sat      10:00-???
 CRCK 003: Duct Tape Construction                        ProfessorMayor?               Sat      12:01-???
 CRCK 123: Real Life -AREMDMWTF                          ProfessorPugna?               F        9:00-???

You know, I don't think we had to truly code in prolog EightyOne?... -RichardBowen

Schedule for Spring 2008:
 CSCI 105: Hacking for Fun and Profit                    ProfessorKuenning             TR       14:45-16:00
           Hacking Lab                                                                 T        18:30-19:50
 PHIL 130: Ayn Rand Hates Hippies                        ProfessorWright               TR       13:15-14:30
 ENGR 059: SophStems?                                    ProfessorMolinder             TR       8:10-9:25
                                                         ProfessorCha                  F        11:00-11:50
 PSYC 108: How to Found a Cult                           ProfessorMashek               MW       11:00-12:15
 MATH 131: AnalExam                                      ProfessorSu                   MW       13:15-14:30
 CSCI 189: Top Coder for Credit                          ProfessorDodds                T        16:15-17:30

 GRAD 070: Destroying Dreams                             ProfessorStone               M        22:00-00:00
 CRCK 134: 4 Pool for Fun and Profit                     ProfessorBlizzard?            Sat      7:00-9:30
 CRCK 003: Duct Tape Construction                        ProfessorMayor?               Sat      12:01-???

Schedule for Fall 2008:
 CSCI 131: SML Devours My Soul                           ProfessorBruce?               MWF      10:00-10:50
 CSCI 193: Computer Athlete                              ProfessorStaff                R        16:15-17:30
 JAPN 001A: IT'S A TRAP!!!                               ProfessorFlueckiger?          MWF      11:00-11:50
                                                                                       TR       9:35-10:50
 MATH 171: Saving Myself for Orrison                     ProfessorOrrison              MW       13:15-14:30
 MATH 180: Not a Pitzer Hum, After All                   ProfessorLevy                 TR       13:15-14:30
 CSCI 189: Top Coder for Credit                          ProfessorDodds                T        16:15-17:30

 CRCK 101: Free Time                                     ProfessorHelp?                CANCELLED

Editorial note: If you have the opportunity to take a semester like this, DON'T.

Schedule for Spring 2009:
 CSCI 132: Compiling Mathematics?                         ProfessorStone               M W        11:00-12:15
 MATH 174: Goggle-Making 101                              ProfessorOrrison              M W F      10:00-10:50
 MATH 198: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum ProfessorLevy                 M          16:15-17:30
 MATH 199: Halfway Done Already                           ProfessorBenjamin               W        16:15-17:30
 CSCI 189: Top Coder for Credit (Not For Credit)          ProfessorDodds                 T         16:15-17:30
 ECON 053: The Life and Times of Gary Evans               ProfessorEvans                 T R       13:15-14:30
 MUS  081: How the West Sang?                             ProfessorHu?                  M W        13:15-14:30
 PE   084: About Time I Did Another of These              ProfessorScanlon?                 F      13:30-15:30

 GRAD 070: Destroying Dreams                              ProfessorONeill               MT         20:00-22:00
                                                                                            F      17:00-??:??
 JOB  255: Root                                           ProfessorKnuth?               M          17:30-18:30
                                                                                            F      15:30-17:00
 CRCK 101: Having a Life                                  ProfessorStaff               SMTWRFS      0:00-23:59

Schedule for Fall 2009:

 HIST 179: History, the Picture Book                      ProfessorTucker?                 R       19:00-22:00
 MATH 132: Return of the Anal Exam                        ProfessorPippenger             T R        9:35-10:50
 MATH 197: THEEEEEESIIIIIIIIIIS                           ProfessorKarp                  T         11:00-11:50
 MUS  003: Clapping for Credit                            ProfessorHu?                  M W        13:15-14:30

 JOB  255: Root                                           ProfessorKnuth?               M          17:30-18:30
                                                                                            F      12:30-16:30
 CRCK 101: Having a Life                                  ProfessorStaff               SMTWRFS      0:00-23:59

Schedule for Spring 2010:

 MATH 173: It's not stupid! It's ADVAAAAAANCED!           ProfessorPippenger             T R       14:45-16:00
 MATH 157: That Thing I Have To Take                      ProfessorPippenger            M W F      10:00-10:50
 MATH 197: THEEEEEESIIIIIIIIIIS                           ProfessorKarp                 -TBA-
 MS   127: Alves for Fun and Profit                       ProfessorAlves                M W        13:15-14:30
 PE   041: Hitting Things That Don't Fly Well             ProfessorMiles?                T R       13:00-14:00
 RLST 184: Cave + Olson = Holy Wars?                      ProfessorCave
                                                          ProfessorOlson                    F      13:15-16:00
 JOB  255: Root                                           ProfessorKnuth?               M          17:30-18:30

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