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Kyle is some bum who lives in E159 with the much cooler JoeFrosh. He is a SophoMore who lived in CaseDorm last year, and never deigned to visit our own esteemed place of residence. Thus, at the beginning of the year everyone thought he was a FreshMan.

Actually, rumor has it that Kyle really is a FreshMan and just tricked everyone into thinking he was a SophoMore so he wouldn't feel the effects of YouKnowWhat.

Kyle is a PhysicsMajor and a pseudo-math major. Kyle used to swim, but then he lost his testicles and became a biker. He loves his bike, but hates falling off his bike. He is going to fail Differential Geometry, especially if he doesn't do his homework more.

Or, alternatively, he'll pass. And if he doesn't then!!! Talk on the street is that his sister will be attending Mudd next year!! Or maybe she'll go to cal tech since they're smarter there. And people have been saying that she is REALLY hot!


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