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*** The danger with using string is that people may trip over it while fighting. This has all sorts of nasty worst-case scenarios. Some kind of chalked outline would be better. I do think that the fighting arena should be limited, though perhaps not small per se. After all, if you move too far from your position on the board, you've ceased to defend it and your opponent deserves to own it, no? Thus there's an incentive to stand and fight.

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** I volunteer my skills. It sounds like fun. --DuctTapeGuy
** I volunteer my skills. It sounds like fun. --DuctTapeGuy

Ahoy! Ahoy! Check!

Chess played as a LARP (Live-Action Roleplay). Each piece is represented by a player with boffer equipment commensurate with their rank.

Pawns: duct-tape daggers

Rooks: full armor, warhammers?

Knights: swords and shields

Bishops: quarterstaves

Queen: full armor and a polearm or other powerful weapon

King: unarmed (touch attack of death)

These weapon allotments should probably be rebalanced.

Only problem with the game is that you'd need a lot of players for it, as well as a sizable grid so there's room on each square for combat. A lot of the strategy, of course, lies in deciding who gets to be which piece...

Sounds like fun. Would someone let me know if it ever gets played? -- KatieLewis

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