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*That was the funniest limerick I've ever read. Were there voting happening, my vote would definitely go to this one. -MikeBuchanan

This is a page for people to challenge others for the best limerick writing skills. Voting on your favorite one on the page is highly encouraged:

 There was a random alumnus 
 Who made lim'ricks quite egregious.
 c'mon frosh, are you scared?
 You all are here dared
 To compete in this war about... Penis! -NickJohnson

 Limericks a verbal art be
 When spoken, sounds are easy
 But when written down
 One may guess the wrong sound
 Thus rhyming requires a key. -NickJohnson

 Speaking of keys all the same
 I need not reread it again
 So you too feel free
 Exercise the d-key
 And perhaps this won't need a refrain -NickJohnson

 I never quite understood
 Those linguists who often would
 Without apprehension
 Use 'to mention' to mention
 "To mention" whenever they could. -NickJohnson

 As a general rule of thumb,
 Many limericks out there are dumb
 But when you need a disclaimer?
 You can't get much lamer;
 That's really as bad as they come. -MicahSmukler

 I've never written a limerick before,
 much less taken part in a war;
 so allow me to enter
 this trivial banter,
 we'll see if this settles the score. -GregSandstrom

 Mon Dieu, i think i'm in shock
 When i look at the field and take stock
 That one is my roomie
 And the other a n00b
 There exists one frosh who does rock -NickJohnson

 Oh man, my head feels just like a parade
 Where the Marines have let off a nerve-shattering fusillade
 This infection is most tiring
 And I really feel like expiring
 Just in time for Mudd's One-Week-Only Examination Arcade. -MarshallPierce

 the subtle genius of bygone years
 scattered through time in lost careers
 with them i have no connection
 but with this sudden recollection
 I am strangely moved to tears -GregSandstrom

 Limericks are predictably bad
 but this one is especially sad.
 Though it reads like a song
 and no line is too long,
 its rhyme scheme is totally wrong.  -DavidCoyne

 When the last line's the same as the first,
 a limerick's really the worst.
 It's repetitive, boring,
 and quite worth ignoring
 when the last line's the same as the first. -DavidCoyne

 Though FunWiki may be good crack
 I feel I've been stabbed in the back
 I hardly expected
 To see here reflected
 A limerick war worthy of Schmack! -StephGrush

 When you say "worthy of", you do err;
 You should exercise somewhat more care.
 If Schmack-like these look,
 It's because some frosh took
 Them from some thread that just started there. -MicahSmukler

 Alas, now I cry out, alack
 (A lass who is feeling a lack
 Of original rhymes,
 I'll add this to my crimes:)
 I cry out: "I am not on Schmack!" -StephGrush

 Now donít judge me too quick
 These rhymes arenít yet an original pick
 But the hope for them
 Is to grow and stem
 A new war of the limerick    -RobinSchriebman (Frosh who's to blame/credit)

 Oh, don't let it bring you much shame
 If Wiki and Schmack are the same
 When a war is begun
 It's just too much fun
 To cry out, "The frosh are to blame!" -StephGrush

 There once was a chat-list called shmack
 with randomness never in lack -
 of tech news we'd wank
 (and some of us thank) -
 of penii and moms we'd post back.   -AdamField (I thought they'd be posted automatically... Robin, you're being 
 lax in your duties ;-)

 One time a PreFrosh found FunWiki,
 And got stuck on it as if 'twere sticky,
 He got it into his head,
 To edit nodes that are dead,
 And all else found this practice icky.   -MikeBuchanan

 Another PreFrosh, just as crazy
 But perhaps slightly more lazy
 Found it less of a bother
 To just watch the other
 And edit when sufficiently eazy. ~EllenKephart

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