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LizzNorton is perhaps only an ethereal Mudd presence, having gone NoisilyInsane in the Fall of 1999. This resulted in a forcible eviction from TheBubble, which she did not like one bit.

She has since created an invisible friend, and decided to remain OutsideTheBubble for what remains of her career at HarveyMuddCollege

LizzNorton remains in the state QuietlyInsane, and is spending Fall 2000 in Budapest before stepping back into TheBubble, but actually living OutsideTheBubble.

Due to continuing insanity, she's currently working on writing an InteractiveLiterature? game, a form of RolePlaying, which takes up way too much time and might, possibly, if she finds interest and finishes writing it, be run in the Fall of 2001.

Also, she wants to get VoiceRecognitionSoftware?, but finds that she will have to have a computer supporting TheEvilEmpire? in order to do this. But chronic pain hurts, dammit!


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