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"Look, if I have have to be a dominatrix for at while..."


also known as Lucas Tyler "the Spicy" Brady

self-proclaimed "Gramps" of the SontagFrosh

Lucas watches people sleep. He is probably watching you. He wakes up much too early most mornings. He has not had caffeine since coming to Mudd. Lucas is a necromancer. With plans. You should not try to give Lucas a hug. (You should try to sit on him. It is most entertaining.) Also, he enjoys sitting back to back on the same couch as MattPrince.

Lucas also show signs of physical belligerence. After a conversation in Sontag Lounge, a fight broke out between Maria Morabe and Lucas (which ended in a draw). The next day, he fought Ellery Burgess (which was also a draw and may have a rematch when Ellery is not wearing a skirt). He also fought James White and lost. His primary fighting style utilizes his feet. It is terrifying.

Unless you sit on him. He's helpless.

Lucas has computers named Mr. Peterson and Mr. Carlin.

Lucas is obsessed with RoomDraw.

<Good.> --MartinPyne
Worth noting: Lucas is currently living in my old frosh room. Everything has happened before, and everything will happen again... -- KwangKetcham
"The only way to win the game is not to play" -- LucasBrady
Goddammit. I just lost the game.
This grand game of life you think you play in fact plays you. To that I say... Let the games begin! --VictorNefarius?


"I am in a class by myself, and that class is not in session."

Maria Morabe: "Do you have a problem sitting next to MattPrince?"
LucasBrady: "No. I just think he needs to sit next to Mr. Peterson. (in baby talk) Isn't that right, Mr. Peterson?"

"Plastic surgery does wonders."

"Currently, my left middle finger is the strongest muscle in my body"

LucasBrady:"I tickle myself."
AnneClark:"Is that a euphemism?"

LucasBrady:'"I'm a theoretical physicist! Nothing can take my job!"'
MattPrince: '"That's because you don't HAVE a a job."'

LucasBrady: (to XandaSchofield) "You should suck on it."

"I am not a gentleman when it comes to my bed"

"When I die, you may eat my testes."

"It is too hard to do seductively."

"If you're in the cesspool of life staring up at the world through three generations of shit, what do you see? You see the filth of humanity, the scum that should have been skimmed off the top decades ago. The decay, the depravity. The filth and vermin, and we aren't even looking past the uppermost meter of the pool. ... So why did a bird poop on you?"

"I want to be a trophy husband"

"I want to control all penetration"

"Look, if I have have to be a dominatrix for at while..."


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