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Mark (aka "Snake" :-) was a CaseDorm proctor during his senior year at HarveyMuddCollege, where he was a physics major and member of the legendary ItrSuite. Currently living in San Francisco and working towards his Master's in philosophy from San Francisco State, which should be finished sometime in the summer of 2001, after which... well, something about itinerant philosophers traveling the world and so on.

Speaking of itinerant philosophers, Mark most recently returned to Mudd to present a truly alternative career path at the 2001 Spring Career Fair. The trip was a rousing success. Mark even got to go hashing.

During 2000, Mark was summer host/roommate to TracyvanCort, who much preferred living with a cool someone she knows and commuting ~two hours every day to renting from a friend of a friend of her mom's and having no commute but no one to talk to either.


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