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Quotes produced by the CS5 Markov Text Generator running on LoungeQuotes and various other sources:

MattKeeter: Morgan has been replaced by multiple orgasms?

AndrewHunter: I just don't want to fuck my tie collection!

KatherineErickson: I'm too tired to mod by RichardMehlinger.

Ryan: Ooh! I have a used tampon at West, so much wanking.

PhilMiller: I don't have pokemon sex in MoMar, I don't know me, I don't like whac-a-mole.

ZviEffron: I roll a huge erection?

LoungeQuotes + Fallout Boy lyrics: Sugar, we're going down swinging- I'll be your number one with a huge erection

PicoRichard: "But I don't want anyone else to blow me!" JulianEvans: "You swallow, I'll T-bag."

ShakeSpeare? 's Tragedies:
The secret'st man of justice, yet our power
Shall do a good one, and we all but fail.
MACBETH and LADY MONTAGUE: Thou villain Capulet --hold me not, Lest I be general of your adversary,
And yours, close fighting ere I did full hard forbear him.

Two households, both alike in sorrow: leak'd is our doom. Some stay to see Caesar and his friends, be ready, gods, with all his faults so quaintly That they have lined their coats to Do themselves homage: these fellows some means to feast thine eyes.


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