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ProctorOfVice for 2013-2014

Chris(t) of TimeSuck XVI.

ProctorOfVice for 2013-2014

Chris(t) of TimeSuck XVI.

Is the creator of the Squiddle Army, and member of the Homestuck cult.

The troops are as follows.

Java: Light Green: Kind: Created during CS60

D20: Aqua Blue: Outgoing: Created during FMM: Gamers

Frizzle: Red: Eccentric: Created during TimeSuck Magic School Bus

Mori: Orange: Cunning: Created during Sherlock S1 E3

Shalom: Peach: Annoying: Created during Kosher Chords

Angel: Yellow: Sweet: Created during RENT

Mr. Foofoo-cuddlypoops: Light Blue: Abrasive: Created during TimeSuck Avatar: the Last Airbender

Blue Bob of Blue-ness: Royal Blue: Nice: Created during Kosher Chords

Clopin: Indigo: Creative: Created while watching Hunchback of Notre Dame

PurpleMonkeyDishwasher?: Smart-ass: Created while watching the Simpsons

Sylar: Light Pink: Homicidal: Created while watching Heroes

Zydrate: Hot Pink: Addictive: Created in a little glass vial

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