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Is a member of the Homestuck cult.

Sketchy senior who routinely invites frosh girls to his apartment off campus to do such activities as, um, "selecting music for Funball" or "watching Torchwood". Currently has a fangirl base consisting of EmmaDavis, MaryEliseElam, and SarahScheffler.

Is a member of the Homestuck cult.

As of Summer 2009, responds to "FROSH!" thanks to many a night of Left 4 Dead with people who were older than him.

NorthieMatt was a FrOsh living in NorthDorm who hangs out in TimeSuck. He prefroshed in EastDorm twice before coming to Mudd.

Currently, he is a sophomore in East, if by "sophomore in East" you mean "junior in Sontag". And if by "junior in Sontag" you mean "off-campus senior". He also served as DormCheese.

He is known by some as the Eastie Prefrosh Who Lives In North.

He probably doesn't know that he has a page on the wiki.

Update: As of 11/14, he knows he has a wiki. He is also wondering who created his entry and is amused by having his own floor on the East floor map.

Living in TacBac 2 for 2010-2011.


Why can't I pole-dance?!

Mmm, I love kinky orgasms.

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