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MaxGibiansky is currently a zombie (class of '08). He majored in PhySics and ComputerScience. Got a nice award from the Math department for pwnzing a Math clinic. He survived GradSchool, and finished his PhD in Bioengineering at UCLA in 2013 (after spending a year and a half in the frozen northlands at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.)

Depending on how you count, may or may not be in competition with JulianEvans for number of fields of study.

2022 residence: Saint Louis

Always looking for people in the area to play some BoardGames or tennis with!

Pwned all* at pingpong. (*At Mudd, for the first three years. Hasn't really played pingpong for a while now. )

Enjoys taunting inquisitions. This is bad for his health as it results in him being assaulted. In a very related note, was apparently in 4th place in the pun race for a bit! Well, DavidLapayowker phrases it as "will be fourth to be executed when the Pun Inquisition seizes power." Same thing, really.

Was also in first place on JasonWinerip's to-kill list until JasonWinerip overtook him, putting him in second. However, he was able to get to the top once again by invoking ChuckNorris?.

Feels like a WikiPage? feels more "right" written in third person, hence has written most of it in third person.

JasonWinerip has noted the lack of ChuckNorris? on this page. Technically, this was never true. ChuckNorris? was and is everywhere. His presence on this page is now simply more explicit.

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