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* The checkbook was reportedly the first thing he saw while saying this. Fortunately for it, Millar popped out.

MicahLamdin is a former Third Floor Eastie (he was a freshman in Linde last year) who moved to East this year. He rooms with LoganGordon in East 155.

Micah is a CS Major, or will be when he gets off his lazy ass and declares. He thinks that being a CS Major is superior to being anything else because, quote, "I won't have to get up before noon or go to class on Fridays". This is his Ideal Schedule, and it shall come to pass next year if he has his way. Although it's not like he actually goes to class on Fridays right now, being that he has only a math class at 9 AM and is prone to sleeping through it.

Micah actually enjoys physical activity in the form of sports, and anyone else who likes to play squash or tennis should feel free to come talk to him about finding some time to play. He would seek out such people, but as has already been pointed out, he is very lazy.

Micah is also an avid reader of comics and a watcher of anime. He has prodigious quantities of both on his computer, available to anyone who asks, as he has to open up his firewall to allow them access to his computer. And while he's an atheist, he would seriously consider worshipping BitTorrent? if it only went faster.

One of the participants in the UniversalStudiosTripOfDoom.

In one of the more bizarre incidents in recent history, Micah was asked for his phone number by a random girl in Carl's Jr in the following manner: "Hi, how old are you?" "Uh, 19." "Can I have your phone number?". She has not actually called him, but he and Logan are still much amused by this.

He also has a large collection of funny t-shirts, such as:

"Errors have been made. Others are to blame." - he likes to wear this one to labs.

  The top ten reasons I procrastinate:

"Do not start with me. You will not win."

... and two copies of the "Shit Happens" shirt, and various other random shirts. He's always looking to acquire more of them.

Currently addicted to Rome: Total War, which lead to the following 3 AM quote:

"I'm not going to bed until I take over the world!" (now 40% there, at least with this faction)

This was followed at 7 AM with "... but I guess destroying the Carthaginians will have to do."

Interesting anagrams for his name: A Manic Ham Inc, Hi I'm Clam DNA

He should probably up the difficulty in R:TW given this recent battle: Roman casualties: 1450. His casualties: 4.

 6 AM Sunday Morning Convo:
 Micah: "The average time we go to bed on weekends is very late."
 Logan: "What are you going to do about it?"
 Micah: "Stay up longer."

 Logan: "Have you worn pants in the last week?"
 Micah: "No! Well, maybe."

If Millar gets the run in, I'm going to eat something... like my checkbook.


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