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Not to be confused with MuammarGaddafi?.

Momar (alias Maurice de Lafeyette Omar) is a HumaniCompuBioChemiPhysiTiciaNeer? and a ThirdFloorEastie. You hardly ever see him, because he works so hard for you.



Not to be confused with MuammarGaddafi?.

Which supposes, as Eli then pointed out, that Momar can read Wiki but may not post to it. No counterexamples found as yet.

I don't post much because I'm working so hard for you. This does not imply, however, that your theories are incorrect... -MoMar

I would like to take this opportunity to expand upon my bogus theory of Momar. Following a discussion on Shmack of Lori being Momar, I have arrived at Momar's true identity. Momar works hard for me, I thought. Who is a dorm officer and works harder than anyone I know? Vrable. Who knows more about every major than people in said major? Vrable. Who knows the answer to basically every question I've ever asked him? Vrable. So, Momar is a linear combination with weights c1 and c2 of LoriThomas and MichaelVrable. (This idea was introduced after the idea that Lori is carrying Vrable's baby, who will one day grow up to be Momar, was ruled to be insensitive to Vrable's GirlFriend.) Possible values for c1 and c2 include sqrt(2) and (1+2i). -BenjAzose

Another reason to reject that parenthetical idea above is the temporal paradoxes that it creates. MoMar was already around working hard for me when I got to Mudd. (And by implication, for Lori as well.) However, I don't yet see any obvious difficulties with the linear combination theory. --MichaelVrable

And I thought Lori was carrying Momar's baby... but perhaps it would be fitting for Momar to be his own father? --AdrianMettler

Are Lori and Vrable linearly independent? Or could you generate LoriThomas from a sufficiently large sum of EigenVrables?


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