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** What is your definition of tool? Do TIs count? Laptops? Is Emacs a tool?

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*** All? I feel like there are significantly more of those than majors...but you only have to take 4 classes per concentration, at least.

First, there were double majors. Then, there was majoring in Science. And now, the next frontier ... majoring in Mudd.

This consists of completing of all possible majors and/or all possible major permutations at Mudd, thus unlocking what many HomeworkSuck frosh believe to be the super-secret Final Major and ending sequence. Completion of all Social Sidequests is optional but highly suggested, as many secret CGs and scenes can be triggered only through sidequests.

Since all majors must be fully completed (for example, CS-Math gives credit towards both routes, but will only unlock the Good Ending and not the True Ending), it is estimated that optimal completion time for the MuddCompletionRun is approximately a little more than 15 years, consisting of 2 years for the core classes and an average 2 years for each full majors, plus variable time needed to complete the hidden Off-Campus and Independent Study storylines.


Also, you all are insane. But I suppose that should have been obvious already.

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