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Dead; graduated in 2009. Doesn't have a page yet really.

Well, I'm going to have a page now!

NancyEisenmenger is a member the class of '09.

Stuff about Nancy:

Hometown: Idaho Falls, Idaho (Don't ask me how you know when potatoes are ripe. I have absolutely no idea; It's not like I grew up on a potato farm.)

Lived in:

Nancy plans to major in CheMistry and was the keeper of the ChemWall? during her FrOsh year.

Yay! Nancy (with the help of DavidLapayowker) just created the page NerdyThingsThatAreSexy. Go look at it. Mwahahaha! A NerdyPersonWhoIsSexy.

As a ChemMajor, Nancy harbors a not irrational fear of the LawlRus. However, her irrational reaction is to hide behind DavidLapayowker, a decidedly poor choice of MeatShield?.

Is often watched by lemons. Especially while sleeping.


    Bob sits down, and Hendrik gets up to give Bob a shoulder rub
    Nancy: How do you get him to do that?
    Bob: I replaced my penis with a Hendrik-magnet.
    Nancy: Oh. Can I have your penis then?

About NancyEisenmenger:

See LoungeQuotes for some others.

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