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* As a result of the massive number of little features and the ad-hoc way that they were added, the NetHack source code is apparently rather tangled. So if you're interested in hacking a roguelike, then you'd probably not want to try it. Heck, it might make a good example for CS70...

Is better than AngBand. So there. Also, the best proof that graphics don't make the game.

That would imply that NetHack is a good game.

Has everything including the kitchen sink. Unfortunately just about everything in the game wants to kill you; people may play for years and never get further than 10 levels into the dungeon (that was me, until I stopped playing wizards -AdamField). It's a heck of a lot more complex than AngBand, which is not necessarily a good thing. Certainly both are good games; I happen to think personally that the easy modifiability of AngBand (and the resulting slew of variants) makes it better than NetHack, but then again I'm biased. - ChainMaille

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