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So, one afternoon, MikeBuchanan and a "guest" were "having fun" on his bed, if you catch my drift. Things got excited, and ass met glass. The ass escaped unscathed, but the window suffered a huge crack (not proportional to the size of the ass).

The "having fun" stopped to assess damage, and then continued in more sedate fashion.

MikeBuchanan was being tickled by KatherineErickson on his bed, and started repeatedly slamming his ass up against his window. KatherineErickson commented that he should probably stop slamming his ass up against his window, or his window would break. MikeBuchanan assured her that this was an incredibly unlikely outcome of the situation, and when she resumed tickling him, he continued slamming his ass up against the window, which quickly broke.

The tickling stopped to assess damage, and MikeBuchanan said something along the lines of, "This is a boring story. Can I tell people we were having sex?" to which KatherineErickson replied, "Yes, but don't use my name." This condition of anonymity was broken with the last Drinking Truth or Dare, and here we are...

Despite his summary for this page, I think I DON'T want to come and admire the crack.


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