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DRUGS! You can get DRUGS at PITZER! -- 1999 LookBook

Why go to college when you can go to Pitzer? -- 5C Rowing club T-shirt, 2005

A liberal arts school big on the social and behavioral sciences. Inhabited by students known as PitZoid?s. A group of them is called a "bowl".

Pitzer College is a nice place to go when you are stressed out by HarveyMuddCollege. It has hammocks, nice rounded buildings, and nice unstressed people. And if they tell you they are stressed, don't be a jerk and rattle off all the work that you 'have' to do in the next 2 minutes, like you normally do. You're really not that stressed. You just need to go relax there.

Highly approved by ChrisHanusa. Pitzoids travel in joints.

April 27: Students on PitzerCollege have taken over Broad Center, an administrative building. They have locked themselves in and become a focus point for the ongoing protests for workers' rights in the ClaremontColleges. Wacky.

After 53 hours of lockout, Marilyn Massey, president of PitzerCollege, agreed to sign a nonintimidation agreement, and the students vacated the Broad Center. Since then, the theft and vandalism of a maintenance/Aramark? cart has been used as President Massey's excuse to back out of her promise. Bummer that.

May 1: As of this morning, students at Pomona College have taken over that institution's Alexander Hall, the administration building whose lush carpeting made CubeSchnaider realize that PomonaCollege has way too much money. There was a big rally at 4 PM today, and there were students chained to some of the doors of Alexander by their necks last I checked. Wheee....

Since then there has been a rumor that the students chained to Alexander have at least been threatened with suspension if not suspended outright as of 5 AM May 2.

May 2: As of this morning at 9:40, there are still students there.

Of course, it turns out that all this is just a poorly planned and executed mess of activism and protest but never persuasively rational or even at all thought-out argument by a bunch of criminal nonviolent terrorists who deserve to have the rest of their undergraduate careers thrown into disarray for dangerously inconveniencing their schools's administrations. How nice that Mudd is so full of sensible thinkers to point out the error of ever giving a damn about anything... perhaps these noble folk should be dispatched to the other colleges at once, to stop for once and for all any attempt at conscience or consciousness... oh, wait, I forgot, they're too busy being superior to all those poor ignorant hum majors.

With regard to the preceding sarcasm, perhaps some of us would have been more inclined to support the movement had it not been characterized by propaganda, ad hominem attacks, vilification of the wrong parties, and obstruction of the jobs of some administration and faculty who were not even remotely connected to the workers' situation. Once again, we've learned that if whining and bullying in a 1960s fashion eventually solve the problem, there's no need to seek out a logical solution with more staying power. Why put pressure on Aramark upper management if it's easier to just walk around yelling right here on campus? Don't get me wrong... I agree with the basic cause, and am glad that some positive results have been produced. However, the whole thing certainly could have been better presented to the 5C. Fervor for The Cause is all well and good until it blinds one to The Cause itself.

Nothing like the Allegory of the People in the Cave (by the Greek guy), is there?

I think I'm too culturally illiterate to understand what Plato has to do with this. Oh well.

See also: DrugsAtPitzer and PitzerGeodome

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