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PomonaJosh is random character who lurks on schmack and can be found frequently in the lounge during some semesters. He was recently the highest-floor eastie as a PomonaStudent on StudyAbroad in Oxford but will be returning (to the dread of many). For those of you that know little of PomonaJosh, he is also a PoliticsMajor and therefore easy to exploit using "You're a HumMajor" and pointing at him for use as a HumPaper editor as was realized and commonly utilized by VictoriaKrafft last year. He takes funny classes like "Political and Social Movements" and "Ethnic and Religious Conflicts" and utilizes little effort to hide the fact that most of his instruction falls into the category of Skills ToTakeOverTheWorld?. After finding out that ReginaCarns was two-timing him last semester, rumors exist that he is seeking an accomplice ToTakeOverTheWorld?. Be wary. A more serious side of his existance can be found at JoshPasek.

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