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The PortalPrank was a prank pulled by the EastDormClassOf2011 on SuiteTreason. It was inspired by the recently released [Portal] when either EthanSokol or RichardMehlinger put a sign which said Aperture Sciences on their door. The prank was planned over a period of several weeks by many members of the EastDormClassOf2011, including:

We planned the prank for a Thursday morning, when frosh have no classes until noon and sophomores have E&M lecture at 9:35. Anyone in EastLounge that morning would have noticed a suspicious preponderance of frosh, sitting around looking shady. We got into the rooms through a combination of climbing and social engineering: the cracked-open upper window proved no challenge to DanMoore, and SabreenLakhani convinced BobChen to let her use his bathroom as he was leaving for class. Here's how it went down:

Room 1 - AlexYoung & SamJust

Room 2 - MartijnvanSchaardenburg & KwangKetcham

Room 3 - BobChen & StevenBerler

Room 4 - BenKeller & ChrisSauro

The portal camera is still (11/07) hung up in EastLounge, creeping out those who enter.

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