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The embodiment of all that is right with the academic world. He also studies lizards. Almost the complete opposite of an unnamed member of the BioDepartment.

Biology drinking game - take a drink any time ProfessorAdolph mentions lizards. Yes, you will be pretty tipsy by the end of class.

This is the Orthoptera Kama Sutra! -- as an example of speciation, Bio 52, Fall '09 (and again in Spring '11)

I guess the moral of the story is don't put all your fish in one bucket. -- in reference to half the population of a rare species of fish being dropped out of a bucket and into a lake, BIOL052 SP11

Professor Adolph is a really nice guy, even if he still hasn't signed my thesis proposal(s) yet. (I figured if I submitted multiple proposals, the department'd have to accept one of them, right? Never mind that "almost a week late" thing....)

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