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Mark Ilton is a professor of physics. He's Canadian, and also the cover of Sports Illustrated. A really sweet dork professor, lovely dude. He runs the Physics of Soft Matter (PoSM?) lab, which is very cool. Occasionally known as WombatIlton?. The natural nice-guy foil to ProfessorBreznay.

Quality WombatIlton? Quotes

  "Please keep a tally of how many times I try to erase the board and drop the eraser."

  "There was a time in undergrad when I was so tired I thought 3 x 2 was 5. I realized there was something wrong with that, so I told myself to snap out of it, just remember, remember... 3 x 2 is 5, which just made it all worse."

  ProfessorIlton: Oh, I thought you might have had a change of heart about shooting me.
  EllenFerranto: Nope, my hand just slipped and I started laughing so hard I couldn't do it.

  "We call this the Ilton, after me, for discovering it." (Context: TheoMech?, he was about to show is the Hamiltonian-- HamIltonian)

  "Whatever you’re taking to experience the second time dimension, I want some."

  "How are you gonna make sick memes if you can't make sick gifs?"

  "Physics is the most punk rock thing."

  AriannaMeinking?: What have we even learned in TheoMech?.
  ProfessorIlton: The one thing I hope you take away is that once you dig yourself into a hole, you stop digging. I don't think you have that skill down yet.

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