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Karukstis is one hot babe, if you know what I mean.

Fond of ProfessorVanHecke, with whom she has authored two books, if you know what I mean.

A very cool CheMistry prof who usually teaches PhysicalChemistry. Knowledgable and organized to a fault. When I think of my days in Chem 51 and 53, my mind immediately leaps to the yellow M&M dispenser in her lab, which occasionally dispensed chocolatey bounty but more often than not taunted me with a smiling face and a vacant discharge of air. She is known for same-day grading of exams, perpetuation of the evil and illogical PhysicalChemistry final, and distribution, at the end of the course, of bumper stickers reading "Honk If You Passed P-Chem." She also supposedly has an elaborate algorithm for awarding multicolored foil stars to top scorers on exams.

As of 2023, like ProfessorVanHecke, ProfessorKarukstis has retired.

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