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A newish prof in the MathDepartment. Entertaining and bouncy, with a penchant for loud shirts. Has taught Math 11, 14, 55, 62, 63, 104, 171, 172, a special topics course in FFTs, and thesis. Co-taught MathAndMusic? (a.k.a., The Super Hum That Makes You Win) with ProfessorAlves spring 2004. Endless source of entertaining classroom quotes.

Often comments that HarveyMudders are overworked, only to assign homework a minute later.

Known for making comments in LinearAlgebra?, Discrete, AbstractAlgebra? (and probably other classes) about the fact that the math being covered is the same thing that is done in Stems - of course, the math he is talking about is never directly referenced in stems. We suspect that if he taught stems it would be a lot clearer.

He is also known to parody single lines of songs - which drives people like SarahFletcher crazy because it makes her want to finish the parody, but she is not good at that sort of thing. Some examples:
* 'Some one's in the kernel with e now, someone's in the kernel I know...'
* 'I'm a little coset...'
* '..These are a few of my favorite rings!'

Has a non-trivial resemblance to Neil Gaiman ([this picture] probably shows it best), leading to the amazing idea of crossing the two.
* I think the universe might just explode.
One of the few professors in the MathDepartment who knows about FunWiki.

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see OrrisonQuotes
See OrrisonQuotes

One of the few professors in the MathDepartment who knows about FunWiki.

See OrrisonQuotes

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