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*"I can't say 'I'm one of us', because then I'm still me and you're still you. I have to say 'I'm one of you'."
*"The only one who wasn't with me was me."

MicahSmukler in disguise Lies! All lies, I say!

ProfessorRaugh, of the MathDepartment, teaches LinearAlgebraII?. He has also taught DifferentialEquations? and a class that claims to be RealAnalysisII?, and runs the math clinic. It came up before linear lecture one morning that ProfessorRaugh had once upon a time stayed up four straight days coding. Before another lecture, Raugh entered and without preamble launched into a fairly detailed commentary on the Illiad, to the amusement of the frosh in the first few rows of Edwards.


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