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photo of the rose in the lounge:

Photo of the rose in the lounge:

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photo of the rosetta stone in north:

Photo of the rose side of the Rosetta stone in north:

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*Update: at roughly 10:00 PM, the stone has passed on from this world.
** if by "passed on" you mean "burned with fire"....

The prank for LongTallGlasses 2007. In an effort coordinated by the EastDormClassOf2011, an 8-foot-tall ROSEtta stone was made with a picture of a rose on the front and, on the back, information in several languages (hex, Esperanto, Morse Code, and 1337) on how to reclaim the rose. It was made the afternoon of LongTallGlasses by AndreyShur, TimNguyen, ChrisFerguson, JenniRinker, PeterTu and MattKeeter with boxes provided by DanMoore, painting room provided by DanMoore and DmitriSkjorshammer, and painting done by SabreenLakhani and MadeleineOng.

That night, around 4 AM, many members of the EastDormClassOf2011, including AlexMcAuley, AndreyShur, ChrisFerguson, JenniRinker, PeterTu, MattKeeter, DanMoore, SabreenLakhani, MadeleineOng, MichaelNoback, and SkyeBerghel, ventured out to North to retrieve the rose. Apparently in an effort to keep the rose from being stolen, NorthDorm had tied the rose to the roof above the lounge of North. In an effort not to impede the frosh too much, they had left the vending machines under the rose. Retrieving the rose still required epic effort, including having AlexMcAuley, AndreyShur, and SkyeBerghel climb on top of the vending machines and duct-taping a knife (first we tried SabreenLakhani's knife, but it wasn't serrated, so we used ChrisFerguson's instead) to a pole in order to have enough reach to cut the rope.

While the bottom end of the rose was being cut down, two Northies ventured out and repeatedly asked the frosh what they were doing. When the frosh responded with a cry of "Tradition!" the Northies began arguing with each other about how best to stop the frosh (and whether the frosh would harm the rose), leaving the bold Eastie frosh with enough time to cut down the rose, place the ROSEtta stone in front of the vending machines, and dart away.

In the mad dash back, the frosh forgot to leave contact information in English on the ROSEtta stone and also dropped SabreenLakhani's duct tape, leaving MattKeeter to return to put up the contact information and AndreyShur, SkyeBerghel, and AdriSebree to return to find said duct tape. (The duct tape grabbers scuttled away when they heard a door open, but the duct tape was recovered nonetheless.)

After several ideas about where to place the rose, the frosh decided to create a stand for the rose and place it on the ledge in the East Dorm Lounge, using PVC pipe to support the flower end of the rose. Pictures to come when SabreenLakhani gets them uploaded to photobucket and/or facebook...

Photo of the rose in the lounge:

Photo of the rose side of the Rosetta stone in north:

As of yet (4:53 AM on the night of LongTallGlasses), no one has come to reclaim the rose.

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