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* Crappy Movies That Make Me Feel Inordinately Awesome
** Legally Blonde
** Miss Congeniality
** Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse
** The Devil Wears Prada
** Most chick flicks, actually, so I don't know why I'm listing them all separately

Died/graduated in 2008, moved to Boston, and began working for a program called the MATCH Corps, where she stays up insanely late planning AP Calculus tutorial lessons, grading insane amounts of AP Calculus homework, and occasionally just plain procrastinating.

Now is working for the MATCH school, writing their math curriculum. This entails staying up insanely late planning 6th and 7th grade math courses and tutorials, writing a lot of math problems, and basically having more power over what kids learn than any twenty-three-year-old probably should.

Frequently misses Mudd, leading to occurrences such as emails to Schmack, editing of funwiki pages, and staying up until very late hours (Eastern time) to talk to people who still live in CA or elsewhere on the West Coast.

I've decided to start using this page to make lists of things, because lists are fun and I have a couple I want to share with the world. Or, at least, this webpage. And, since lists are epically awesome, this is going to be a list of lists.

A former MathMajor who lived in South and used to tell this one joke about these two muffins...

So this one joke is sitting there, all lonely and such, and says "I wish there were another joke here..." and then does a double-take and says "OH MY GOD, I'M A TALKING JOKE!"

Is known for giving her phone number out to frosh.

Sara's Reading List: Feel free to add to this list, but try to either stick to fantasy/scifi, or make a new list so I can keep track of what's what. Note: This list is not in any particular order.



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