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EmailAddress: fletchersa at gmail.com

Room: TAH C 608

SuiteMates?: A molecular biologist who spends enough time in lab that she might as well live there instead.






Sarah has decided that that the ReciPes page, while a good thing, has gotten cluttered and hard to use, so she has decided to make an EastDormCookbook page to organize and sort the recipes. This is an on going project.

Collection of Quotes from Budapest Professors

Schedule for Spring 2009:
Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
11:00 AlgebraicGeometry? ThesisSeminar? AlgebraicGeometry?
13:15 LiteraryMoonwalkers? LiteraryMoonwalkers? HikingPE?
14:45 LanguageInTheField? Topology LanguageInTheField? Topology
16:15 ThesisMeeting?

Schedule for Fall 2008:
Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
9:35 AnalysisII? AnalysisII?
10:00 ThesisSeminar?
13:15 IntroLinguistics? AppliedAnalysis? IntroLinguistics? AppliedAnalysis?
14:45 ThesisMeeting?
Late PutnamSeminar? DickensHardy?

Graded and tutored for AlgebraI? .

Summer 2008:

Schedule for Spring 2008:
Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
9:00 Swimming Swimming
10:00 GaloisTheory? GaloisTheory? GaloisTheory?
11:00 Econ150?* Econ150?* Econ150?
13:15 IntermediateProbability? IntermediateProbability? ShakeSpeare?
14:45 FoodAndAmericanCulture?
16:15 MathForum? MathColloquium?

She is also grading AnalysisI?.

Schedule for Fall 2007:

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
8:15 -10:00 Conjecture and Proof Set Theory
10:15-12:00 Conjecture and Proof Set Theory Topics in Geometry
12:15-14:00 Topics in Geometry
14:15-16:00 Geometric Graph TheoryHungarian Language Geometric Graph Theory
16:00-17:00 Hungarian Language
Time to get from my apartment to class: at least 30 min, assuming the bus is on time and there is little traffic

Summer 2007

Schedule for Spring 2007:
Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
8:10 STEMs Lecture STEMS Lecture
9:00 CoreMath? CoreMath? STEMs Recitation
10:00 AbstractAlgebraII? AbstractAlgebraII? Abstract Algebra
11:00 GraphTheory? GraphTheory? GraphTheory?
13:15 Analysis Analysis PostApartheidNarratives?

She was also a CS81 grutor

Schedule for Fall 2006:
Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
8:00 am Physics Lecture Physics Lecture
9:00 am Intermediate Latin Bio Recitation Intermediate Latin Intermediate Latin
10:00 am MultiVII MultiVII MultiVII
11:00 am Bio Lecture Bio Lecture
12:40 pm Physics Lab
1:15 pm AbstractAlgebra? AbstractAlgebra?
2:45 pm Physics Recitation Computability and LogicPhysics Recitation Computability and Logic

She was also a grutor for the new CS5.

Summer 2006

Schedule for Spring 2006:
Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
8-8:50am FroshChem FroshChem FroshChem
9-9:50am DiffEqs? / MultiV? Physics LectureDiffEqs? / MultiV? Physics LectureDiffEqs? / MultiV?
10-10:50am Physics Recitation Physics Recitation
11-12:15am Building Community(Hum2)Fitness Building Community (Hum2)Fitness
12:40-2:40pm PhysicsLab?
1:15-2:30pm ChemLab? Discrete Discrete
2:30-5:15pm more ChemLab?

She does not know what else should be on her page, feel free to add to it.

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