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The important stuff first:

ScienceFictionBookList/TheWholeThing (~1200 books total, organized by the number of recommendations each got)

To reduce the size of this page, the books have been split up into categories (approximately) by year of writing. These categories are:

ScienceFictionBookList/EmergenceOfScienceFiction (through 1915)

ScienceFictionBookList/ScienceFictionBetweenTheWars (1916 - 1939)

ScienceFictionBookList/FromTheGoldenAgeToTheAtomicAge (1940 - 1963)

ScienceFictionBookList/TheNewWaveCyberpunkAndBeyond (1963 - present)

This list is from Anatomy of Wonder: A Critical Guide to Science Fiction; the first (1976), second (1981), third (1987), fourth (1995), and fifth (2004) editions.

The columns notations:

The four award columns are:

The process of choosing these books was that the contributors to Anatomy first nominated the books they felt were the best among those they annotated (their nominations are indicated by the stars preceding entries). Outside observers then went through the nominations and wrote up their own lists. Other sources were also consulted for additional nominations.

The outside observers, by edition, were:

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