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A team of trained people who evacuate buildings, rescue the injured, and generally try to make campus safe after an EarthQuake, fire, explosion or other such emergency.

HarveyMuddCollege has had a student SAR team off and on for several years now. Currently the student team is defunct due to liability concerns among SeniorStaff? and corporate Emergency Response Committee members. The order to disband came during the middle of the 1999-2000 school year, just as the team was finally reaching a decent size and level of training. It was a huge disappointment of course to the students who put in a huge amount of time and effort to recruit, organize and train the team (including MattBrubeck, LaraMercurio, and ManyOthers).

A staff-and-faculty SearchAndRescue team is currently being formed. This is a GoodIdea, but past staff involvement has been spotty at best, and of course the team will be available much less than a student group would.

Meanwhile, a student EmergencyOperations? committee is active again with full blessing from the administration (a previous group had fallen apart due to decreasing student interest and administrative support). They're working closely with corporate EmergencyOperations?, and training regularly. They definitely want more members -- talk to EricBrown or other student EOC members to get involved. Also, student EOC is pushing for organization of an emergency medical team to take over some of the jobs left vacant by the absence of student SearchAndRescue. This is a very GoodIdea, and just needs some motivated students to make it happen.

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