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Year One

The Sontag Frosh are actually the Sontag Lounge Frosh, but, since Sontag Frosh is easier to say (and those other Sontag Frosh don't really exist... well, they do, but they haven't slept in the Lounge have they?), Sontag Frosh will be used to refer to those frosh who lived in Sontag (and its Lounge) in the 2009-2010 school year.

Once upon a time, there was a dorm (SontagDorm). This dorm was in the possession of a Lounge. Rumor has it that this Lounge had been, in previous years, so quiet as to allow the taking of Take Home Exams in its demesne (which is an awesome word possibly being incorrectly used here). No one quite knows how it happened, but in the year that the class of 2013 moved in, the Lounge found new life and was rejuvenated by the presence of its new frosh.

From early in the school year, these new frosh (redundant?) treated the lounge as a second home, a second room (perhaps, in the cases of some, a primary room...). Hardly could an hour (okay, so that might be an exaggeration) go by without one of the frosh setting foot in the lounge. The Wii was moved in and there was Brawl (day in, day out... Brawl all the time!). Then there was League of Legends and the LoLCorner was founded. Hum1 papers were written in the lounge. Speakers were put to use and music entered the lounge. People pulled their first AllNighters in the lounge, and then people just started sleeping in the Lounge... Life was lived in Sontag Lounge, and these livers of life were the Sontag Frosh.

The Sontag Frosh were quite screwed in their first RoomDraw, most of them drawing numbers greater than 100. AlexEng, AnneClark, and ElleryBurgess? were the only three with numbers that were good to pull themselves on (Alex having 36, Anne 34, and Ellery 7). But we shan't talk about room draw and focus on the fact that everybody at least ended up with a room somewhere (like the invasion of AtwoodDorm and at least one going to CaseDorm and miraculously, Sam and Lucas remaining in Sontag (sexual favors were a serious motivation for this happening....... if you know what I mean)).

Several of the Sontag Frosh stayed for SummerMath 2010, which allowed them to remain in the lounge for a little while more. At some point though, a few had to move to SouthDorm, which was distressing, to say the least. The Sontag Frosh took advantage of kitchens to prepare meals on the days that the revered Hoch is not open. (Also, why is there no coffee in Platt??? It's SummerMath, they should at least have coffee!)

Year Two (the year of exile)

Separated by the perils of RoomDraw from their beloved birthplace, the SontagFrosh need a new name.

As of the second week(ish) of school, the SontagFrosh have not yet found a common meeting places. Some destinations include the suite including Atwood 220 (Suite... Pants?), the suite next door (SuiteBro?), random places on campus, Sontag Lounge at random times, and EastLounge.

Another development: there are now five SontagFrosh in the Pomona College Band. A SontagFrosh band is in the works. We just need music.

Towards the end of the second semester, it seems that Atwood 220 (Suite Bondage, as it has become known due to shenanigans with the frosh and some other inhabitants) has become a semi-popular place to hang out. There tends to be at least one or two of the SontagFrosh in there (well, it is where Anne and Maria live) and homework parties/random goings-on have occurred there in the past. Most of the SontagFrosh have swipe access, which might contribute to that.

RoomDraw numbers were unkind to the SontagFrosh again, but with some helpful seniors, nine SontagFrosh made it in to Sontag for Junior year. Junior real draw will determine the placement of the rest.

Four SontagFrosh ran and will be SontagDormPresidents? next year.

Year Three (the hurrah before the last hurrah)






Notable events this year: The SontagFrosh won room draw (see SontagFirstAndSecondFloorSontagFroshClusterFuck).

Shit, guys, we need to find our successors soon. Speaking of which, there should probably be a page on FunWiki about the meta-analogy (about halfway down the page for TreaSon).

Year Four (Sontag: Breaking Dawn, Part 2)

Um. Seniors?

The SontagFrosh are back. Notable frosh: LucasBrady and JoshOratz became DAC chairs.

Some SontagFrosh are going to grad school. Some are going to have real jobs. In the real world. Others don't know yet.

The SontagFrosh graduated. It was a strange time.

The Future

There are new SontagFrosh. They are little.

Sontag Frosh Traditions

(Do they count as traditions?)

Who are the Sontag Frosh?

Freshman Year: East and West Sontag + a Northie + random other people (Demographics as Frosh)
Sophomore Year: Atwood, Case, East, North, and Sontag

- People who actually live in Sontag (Sophomore Year) -

- People who don't live in Sontag (Sophomore Year) -

Sontag!! (Junior Year)

Sontag!!! (Senior Year)

Post-Mortem (only the ones that we know of):

Oft-Repeated Quotes:



"Shh. It's a secret. Don't tell Paula."

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