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So, some time ago (I believe spring 2002 or so) I decided that, as I was currently about fourth on the list of WantedPages, I would make a page only when I topped out that list.

During fall of 2002, I made the mistake of telling people about this decision.

The bastards then proceded to link to me from every conceivable page they could think of (including the PlayStation page, which previously topped the list of WantedPages), thus moving me past most of the WantedPages, and made pages for the rest of them, removing them from the list.

Thus I had to make a page.

So here it is.

Now, as for *actual* content:

SteveHaas was until recently a senior math major at HarveyMuddCollege who lived in EastDorm (there is a mildly amusing story regarding why he, after living in NorthDorm and socializing exclusively in SouthDorm that year, he moved to EastDorm sophomore year; but the fact that it happened is about as amusing). It turns out that this was a good decision, at his general sense of humor plus general enjoyment of both VideoGames and RolePlaying games makes him fit in well there (or at least, he thinks so).

Was the DM of the EnorethianChronicles campaign during his senior year, a NightBelow? campaign during his SophoMore year, and played in a fair number of other recent campaigns (including SagaOfClivesdale, most of EvilSouthie's campaigns, and a few others). These have combined to remind him why he generally prefers being a player to a DM in campaigns. But, given that DMing is better than not playing at all, will probably continue to run campaigns whenever there is a shortage of other people who will DM.

Also plays a number of VideoGames. Currently playing:

Have also played in the last year or so:

So, a while back I decided to try to make a list of all characters I had played in RPGs to date. And I did... or at least all that I could remember. Then I lost the list. And I thought it was sort of an interesting list. Thus it is recreated below. Extremely short-lived campaigns are omitted.

In roughly chronological order:

I'm sure there are more, but I can't think of them at the moment so I shall stop.


SteveHaas is tall. He does math. His computer sucks. Yes, he has no bananas.

Amendment: his computer no longer sucks... or at least not nearly as much.


It has been suggested that DuctTapeing SteveHaas to JeffBrenion would be lethal for Jeff and amusing for everyone else.

I'm not sure that it would be amusing for SteveHaas --RobAdams

Yeah, all the blood... it would take forever to get it off my clothes. --SteveHaas

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