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* I just realized KingdomOfLoathing wasn't on this list. Time to add it. --AdamField

Wait, why make a new page? Not worth it, IMHO.

Besides, rule 34 on the game involves more wanking than this page.

I just lost. You will, too.

I lose too much already! Now you want me to lose every time I check RecentChanges for (at least) a week, too? -AdamField

... Look, I just found TheGame!

. . . no. yes!


You know what game I like? Battleship. Wait a day or two and post your favorite game to this page.

Note that a GameChallenge is another nice alternative to TheGame, if you need something more challenging.

Playing TheGame is a BadIdea. Clearly, we need to create TheGameInquisition whose job it is to root out players of TheGame and threaten them with death, destruction or expulsion if they continue to annoy the rest of us by playing TheGame. Also, it is the solemn duty of a member of TheGameInquisition to periodically edit this page after it almost disappears from the recent changes page.

Members of TheGameInquisition currently include:


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