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[We Like the Moon]

A small, bright object in the sky, which (like TheSun) provides illumination for the BigRoom, but which (unlike TheSun) is not usually so bright as to cause complaint.

The United States is rumored to have landed astronauts on TheMoon. Whether or not a majority of people believe this is a matter of some debate.

Every so often, TheMoon passes into the Earth's shadow. This is known as a LunarEclipse. One of these happened during the 1999-2000 school year, and thus occurred the LunarEclipsePicnic.

Some people claim that TheMoon is made out of Green Cheese.

To find out the true story of the moon, ask LoriThomas. Or find yourself a copy of _The 60 Greatest Conspiracies Of All Time_. It's a conspiracy in itself that LoriThomas discovered the true story of the moon independently of the book.

[We Like the Moon]

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