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By BenLehman in memory of the class of 2018.

 When I was a young frosh
 The seniors took me into the archives  
 To see the gates of hell

 They said Frosh, when ya grow up
 Will you be the authors of the website
 Immortalize thyselves

 They said this ainít just a link itís
 The living history of East Dorm
 Go forth and trawl all day

 Because one day weíll leave you
 A zombie, to walk outside the bubble
 Keep our Funwiki page

 Sometimes I get the feeling 
 theyíre watching over me
 And other times I truly feel alone
 But through the STEMs, Writ1, Frosh Chem,
 the living comfort me
 We minimize regrets before we go

 We carry on, We carry on,
 And though youíre dead and gone believe me,
 Your memory will carry on, will carry on
 And though the wiki can contain it
 Thereís no way to explain it

 E80 Sends you reeling 
 from graduation dreams
 ĎShenanigans distract you from your goalí
 So conquer strife balance work-life
 Devote your heart to East 
 But Parsons gets to claim my Fourier soul

 I carry on, I carry on,
 And though youíre bitter and deflated
 Your memory will carry on
 Weíll carry on
 And though the froshlings will replace you
 They never can replace you

 Drama spreads throughout our older peers
 Great traditions die throughout the years
 But new ones take their place so the frosh can carry on

 When I was young	I dreamed of glory
 Let me tell		you what I wish Iíd known
 Youíve no control	who tells your story
 Who lives who dies	who tells your story

 So say goodbye	        weíre gonna miss you
 Youíre gonna die	thatís not the issue
 Yearning for fools	who called this place home
 A shadow past	        a ghost still left behind

 Iím just a nerd		Iím not a hero
 Iím just a boy		who had to take time off
 But you can see	        I never yielded, and 

 I carry on
 I carry on
 And though youíre dead and gone believe me
 Your memory will carry on
 Iíll carry on
 And though youíre bitter and exhausted
 Your freshman comrade carries on

 (When I was gone
 I dreamed of glory
 I promise this
 Iíll join you all next year
 When you go
 Iíll tell your story
 Want you to know
 Iíll tell your story)

 		I carry on

 (Come what may
 I know that youíll be fine
 Every day
 Weíre losing precious time
 Tell me if 
 You find a place like this
 And one more thing)
		I carry on

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