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Once upon a time (okay, sometime in October 1997, I think), the students at HarveyMuddCollege felt that the college Administration was getting pretty distant (and even at odds) with the student body.

To illustrate this fact, some charcoal was procured from a dorm barbecue, and the Great Rift between the students and the rest of campus (mostly meant for the administration) was drawn, starting between the door in Platt Courtyard leading to the stairs going down to the MuddHole and extending down the sidewalk outside and in front of Platt. It was beautiful, and totally reversible, as all good pranks should be.

We bought WAY too much charcoal and we drew the rift. It happened early in the morning, and we drew on the ground. To a large part this was brought on through some actions of DeanMichelle and the implementation of a few stupid ideas without asking first. Also, they accepted way too many people for the next year and were in the throes of being unresponsive and jerkish. We drew the rift, and it made us feel better. Also helping were the AshmcSecretPolice?.

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