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One of the two betrayal PunderTwins?, along with ArenOlson. Lieks mudkipz.

Games I'm Currently Playing:



Fall 2008 Schedule:

 Fortress    Mandates                               Day    IDLERS:      CIVILIZATION
 MATH061.1 Multivariable Calculus II                M W F  09:00-09:50  HM Galileo Hall EDW
 BIO52.3   Carp Studies                             M W    11:00-12:15  HM Galileo Hall MCAL
             (Dabbling Wrestler)                       R   12:00-13:05  HM Thomas-Garrett Hall 201
 PHYS51.9  Ettins                                   M W    13:15-14:05  HM Thomas-Garrett Hall 201
                  and Magma Men                      T R   09:35-10:50  HM Galileo Hall MCAL
             (Proficient Marksdwarf)                  W    15:15-17:15  HM Jacobs Science Center B115
 ENGR59.5  Plump Helmet Spawn                        T R   08:10-09:25  HM Galileo Hall MCAL
 SECTION   A Large  .                               M W    08:00-08:50  ????????????????????????????
 ENGR08.1  Timothy Has Withdrawn from Society       M W F  10:00-10:50  HM Parsons Engineering Bldg 1287 (or nearest tannery) 
 ECN136.1  The Evans has altered the price of goods  T R   13:15-14:30  HM Galileo Hall MCAL
 ITRG062  The Dungeon Master Has                         S  0:00-Early  Tannery Imp - The Werewolves of Mini-forges
          Prohibited the Export of 
          Duct Tape Items                           

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