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* Nancy "Chemist" Eisenmenger
* Nancy "L0LlErChEm1sT" Eisenmenger

The second female TimeSuck:

Once upon a time there were 4 frosh girls. When they arrived at Mudd none of them thought they would ever suite their rooms - let alone become TimeSuck - but at Mudd the unexpected is usually what happens. Thus, as of SummerMath 2006, the girls of SuiteInsomnia are proud to carry on the tradition of TimeSuck - and fully intend to make the most of their time ;-).

Unfortunately there is a new fire marshal this year who is a bit ridiculous in what he terms "fire hazards" and has declared that there must be *nothing* in the upstairs halls (though the trash can appears to have escaped the purge). As a result the speakers and sign are not allowed in the hall. Currently, we have the speakers set up just outside the lounge facing into the courtyard and the sign is out of commission until we find a way to hang it so that it is not violating any sort of fire code. We will do our best to not let this obstacle get in the way of our being an awesome TimeSuck . Currently we are able to play music through LoungeTerm?. Heather has also been trying to get the TimeSuckMediaServer up and running so that people can add music and create playlists for TimeSuck to play.

We are always happy to take requests and comments. Feel free to contact any of us individually or email

Lounge Quotes

Austin: Good luck programming a 5-year old.
Andy: That's easy, its called brainwashing.

Heather: My zeroth child will be brought up in binary!

Andy: Babies are cute when they are quiet.
Nancy: So basically you are saying dead babies are cute?

DavidLapayowker: The Laplace Equation makes baby Jesus cry.
NancyEisenmenger: Lots of things make the baby Jesus cry.
DavidLapayowker: Baby Jesus is a whiny bitch.

ChrisRoberts: What did you say?
MartyField: I wanna get in Hannah's pants!

ClifMobbs: Marty, you make me look so subtle and tame!

JonathanBeall: So that means that if you're having sex and playing WoW at the same time, you can't get impregnated?

MichaelBraly: A sniper rifle is like a video game! (a nerf gun costs ~ 50$ as does a new video game... thank you Heather)

LindsayTice: It's either that or work in a factory making toothpaste caps.

NancyEisenmenger: My plants are not Mormon!

SarahFletcher: It's not SophoMores who are pompous and arrogant, its CSMajors!

DavidLapayowker: If you could find a way to stroke my thigh with my own virginity, I would consider having sex with you. (said to PicoRichard)

NancyEisenmenger: Are you tying David to a bed, Hendrik?
HendrikOrem: Whicey yes, yes I am.

NancyEisenmenger: So that's what you got me for my birthday... A drunk Northie?!?

PicoRichard: "Why do I show up on a search for porn?"

HeatherJustice: "I'll just let Marty download the porn for me"

NancyEisenmenger: Damn you and your non-flammable logic!

turing's fortune file says: "Eloquence is logic on fire." (This was even funnier with the original posted version of the Lounge Quote with "inflammable".)

NancyEisenmenger: There's a special place in hell for people who touch my dog

PicoRichard: Your mom and I are usually five colorable - we're so kinky we're not even planar! (Pico knows that five-colorability does necessarily imply nonplanar.)

NancyEisenmenger: My lab notebook is my friend. It gives me hugs when I'm sad.
DavidLapayowker: I can do that too...

NancyEisenmenger: When two socially constructed concepts love each other very much...

AkashRakholia: *pokes head in* Dang it, Purple's not here *leaves*

MarissaQuitt: I want to be a creepy old lady!

AkashRakholia: Maybe the back of your head just looks different than your face...

PicoRichard: I guess you could call me a Scrippsie-kumquat-flesh-sucker-outer.

MartyField: I'm excited, I'm gonna lose my STEMS virginity right here in TimeSuck!

LindsayTice: Youtube is a great way to educate yourself about the real world.

IvanHernandez: "I got 20 minutes of sleep in the last 40 hours."
HeatherJustice: "Why?!"
IvanHernandez: "I accidently fell asleep in STEMS."

HeatherJustice: You wouldn't actually have to raise Marty's baby.
MaxGibiansky: No, you can just sell them to the place where they manufacture dead baby jokes, they always need more dead babies there...

AkashRakholia: If Tony Hawk was a marble on a half-pipe the same thing would happen to him.

AkashRakholia: Oh, shit! My ball just got squeezed!

AkashRakholia: I'm not small cute and furry! Well maybe I'm... wait, nevermind.

NancyEisenmenger: I'm looking for a place that serves dead animals and not dead animals.

Hey Akash, you should have three children and name them Asinh, Atanh, and Acosh. - Anonymous visitor to TimeSuck

NancyEisenmenger: "Now I really want a stripper pole."

NancyEisenmenger: "Pico, could I hire you to be a young wet bitch in the lounge?"

DavidLapayowker: Any self-respecting disease will kill someone if that person has AIDS.

LindsayTice: We should totally get stoned and talk about how great that equation is!

AkashRakholia: "What is the runtime of random sort?"
HeatherJustice: (reluctantly) "Over 9000?"

LindsayTice: "There's electricity in Kansas...right?"

PicoRichard: Damn it, my hand smells like penis.

PicoRichard: So you're saying you're willing to jacket-off?

NancyEisenmenger: There's a good kind of womanizing?!?
ClifMobbs: Yes. It is the kind where, let's say you're married, but you never actually have sex with another woman - you just joke about it alot.

ClifMobbs: Making out counts as sex.

PicoRichard: "Let the record show that I have now taken off Nancy's shorts."

AndrewHunter: "Sorry, Trystan, I didn't mean to pinch your penis."

MartyField: "Of course Iím going to have a wife. How else can I cheat on her?"

MartyField: (Heather walks in) "Heather, will you marry me?"

SarahFletcher: "Math problems are people, too."

MartyField: "I like to ride around on my L0LlErChEm1sT."

NancyEisenmenger: "Assasinating people in real life is not nice."

AkashRakholia: "Can I borrow a chem book so that I don't nuke my balls?"

AkashRakholia: "Oh my god, the vaginas."

MichaelBraly: (after playing Marble Blast) I just did something Akash couldn't...

AkashRakholia: I love the taste of human blood.

HeatherJustice: I'm a sleepy hacker.

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