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That's right, this suite goes to eleven. --KevinBergemann

Let it be noted that 11 is the 5th prime, so this is PrimeSuckV?.

TimeSuckXI consists of:
Lounge Quotes

(Nik is leaning on Sara's shoulder)
SaraGussin: "What's wrong?"
NikFloyd (sleepily): "I'm tired and I need a girlfriend."

SaraGussin: "It's like they think that moral space is contained in R^n or something. Like, WTF!"

SaraGussin: "Touch those nubs, Trystan, touch those nubs."
NorthiJenni: "Those aren't nubs... those are growths."

(During discussion of ocular penetration)
NorthiJenni: "You know what just popped into my head?"
NikFloyd (after recovering): "So what came to mind?"

TarunNarayan: "Do you see the [homework problem] that says 'SUP9'?"
NikFloyd: "Yeah..."
TarunNarayan: "That one's SUP9."

NorthiJenni: "I no longer have any need for penises."
RichardBowen: "Yea, I've had my fill."

RichardBowen: (Playing Commander Keen) "This game is like Pomona."
TimeSuck: ...
RichardBowen: "There are monsters everywhere."

TarunNarayan: "We can have something for Pol Pot."
EthanSokol: "He was a singer right?"

EthanSokol: "I'm not strange .... Meow (as Kris pats his head)"

RichardBowen: "Note to self: give self blowjobs"
TimeSuck: ...?
RichardBowen: "Apparently, whatever I eat, people want."

HendrikOrem: "With animals, consent is implied."

(On rapper Ludacris)
TrystanKoch: "He's like a modern day Oscar Wilde."

AndrewHunter: "One of the things I never want to do is fuck somebody with a hot piece of glass."

RichardBowen: "Quantum Tunneling makes an erection really hard to maintain."

RichardBowen: "What does the scroll wheel on your penis do?"

RichardBowen: "I just got punched to death by a vagina monster."

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