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TorqueDorque (s) is the dorm volunteer Physics tutor.

In 2006-2007 they were: KevinBergemann (East 127) JulianEvans (East 125) MaxGibiansky (East 107) MatthewLawson (East 101)

It appears that this page is not the place to look for updated information about the current TorqueDorque. That would be at VolunteerTutors. ...wait, not there either. So that would be at DormOssifer.

Historical note: The term "Torque Dork" originated as a personal nickname for SteuardJensen (probably in 1995-6), who at times tragically enjoyed helping other people with their physics homework more than doing his own. The name was inspired by the dorm office of "Port Dork" (now apparently obsolete: the person in charge of hooking up ethernet ports for people with computers). His graduation left a void, and others stepped in to help the frosh (and others) struggling with physics, carrying on the Torque Dork legacy. (And at some point since then people apparently came up with cute names for tutors in all the other subjects, too. Has this been formalized somehow? Do people actually get paid for this now?)

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