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FunWiki is now running UseModWiki, another clone of the WikiWikiWeb. See UseMod:UseModWiki for detailed information.

Changes from PhpWiki:

Known bugs:

Notes for hard-core users:

(This probably means AndrewSchoonmaker, who tended to push the featureset of PhpWiki)

Free links and subpages are turned off, as are some other more exotic capabilities (see UseMod:UseModWiki/Features for details). If you want these features available, let me know and I'll think about it.

These have since been turned on, right? I know I've used subpages, and I've seen examples of free links in the sandbox. Which features (if any) are still not available?

Bored? Follow [this link]. It will cause FunWiki to do maintenance on its database, trimming the size and speeding things up a little. This only works once every 24 hours. Yes, this is kinda quirky.

Okay, I've been hanging around [Wikipedia] lately and I must say, it's an AWESOME wiki system. :P Probably overkill for FunWiki, but... -SeleneTan

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