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This is a good time to do this, because its a little more than a year since the first WikiWhore.

Remember people, minor edits! You have 24 hours. All times should be given in Pacific time.

Wow, i'm sad. Where is everyone? Where have all the WikiWhores gone?

That's strange. I'm pretty sure I checked RecentChanges at about that time... must've been right before this got posted. Well, consider me an almost WikiWhore2004, I guess. -AdamField i believe you'll notice that it remained a minor change for the entire duration - its quite possible you weren't 1337 enough to notice =) --NickJohnson

Given the minor edits thing, I think this should be changed to SuperWikiWhore2004?. Except then it sounds like a game for the Super Nintendo. Hmmm... LSD project? --AlexBobbs come now, every true WikiWhore checks minor and major edits daily. =p Oh, and the term you're looking for is WikiSuperWhore?. True, but then it doesn't sound like a Super Nintendo game and isn't as funny.

WikiWhore, WikiWhore2003, WikiWhore2005, WikiWhore2006, WikiWhore2007, WikiWhore2024

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