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# Material
# Rials expent

It's another Wiki Wiki Word Game!

See also: WordGames (the first) and RhymeTime.

Use the words before and after as your guides; build a string of words!

  1. Picture perfect
  2. PerfectBlue?
  3. Blue sky
  4. Sky high
  5. High-baller
  6. Ballerina
  7. In a pinch
  8. Pinch hitter
  9. Hit or miss
  10. Mishap
  11. Happy nut
  12. Peanut Butter
  13. Butterfly
  14. Fly boy
  15. Boy toy
  16. Toy Box
  17. Boxcar
  18. Car Talk
  19. Talk smack
  20. Smack down
  21. Down time
  22. Time warp
  23. Warp speed
  24. Speed freak
  25. Freak out
  26. Outbreak
  27. Breakfast burrito
  28. Fast burrito to DIE IN!
  29. To die in bed
  30. Bed bug
  31. Bugbear
  32. Bear spray
  33. Spray can
  34. Kanji
  35. Gee, Whiz!
  36. Whiz kid
  37. Kid Rock
  38. Rock band
  39. Band saw
  40. Sawmill
  41. Mill stone
  42. Stone cold
  43. cold touch
  44. touche, Late Dan (sigh...)
  45. elated anyone?
  46. Yo, Nero!
  47. Rho alpha
  48. Alpha male
  49. Mail call
  50. Call up
  51. Uplook
  52. LookBook
  53. Book burning
  54. Burning Man
  55. Man Overboard
  56. Board Meeting
  57. Meeting room
  58. RoomMate
  59. Material
  60. Rials expent

Please try to follow the spirit of this game. If you don't have some idea of what that means, give up now. Also, try to leave the game in a state where other people can still add moderately sensical words. If you need to go nuts or spew gibberish please revisit WordGames, which is already rather free-form.

Personally, I think it's okay to break the mold as long as you return to the pattern yourself (instead of leaving stupid things for the next player). This is fun, but takes some thought. Try it. AriNieh's faceoff->officer-icerink-inkwell is the canonical good example.

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