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Mmm... Analysis.

Chris Hanusa is an alum, member of the class of Zool. He was a three-year member of EastDorm, freshman year JohnWalseth's roommate, then moved to TimeSuck. He went abroad to France first semester junior year and really liked it. As a senior, he went to GoTeam, an EastDorm annex of SouthDorm, with good friends TracyvanCort and Mart!n. Chris, otherwise known as MathMan, is a MatheMatics major and thoroughly against the concept called "ApPlied", He bounces around and shouts out random French. ...and random "France!"...

ProfessorSu and ProfessorBenjamin advised ChrisHanusa on his TheSis about Fibonacci Numbers. It was fun. Then they wrote a journal article together! YAY!

Starting in the fall of 2001, ChrisHanusa, his girlfriend Audrey Gillant, and IanSchempp headed off to the UniversityofWashington? in Mathematics. Chris taught freshman calculus QuizSection? s and took classes in Manifolds, Algebra, Optimization, and Real Analysis, not to be confused with the real Analysis. In the fall of 2003, ChrisHanusa is still at the UniversityofWashington?. He received his Master's degree and is now doing EnumerativeCombinatorics? research. He still wants to remind everyone that MathIsHard? and that they should go shopping.

Hey Look! A Decoy!

Here is my VirtualWhiteBoard:

I just graduated. Isn't that wacky!

Relaxing is an important part of a Mudder's life.

monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey

banana banana banana banana?

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Poor buffalo number six. He doesn't get a monkey.

badger badger badger badger badger badger

obligatory mushroom mushroom

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