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:"i am proud of the legacy i have left on the world, also kind of sorry"

Hi, I'm Canon.

I mean, Eric.

Say hi to me sometime. Preferably in a more recognizable way, like "oh you're that X guy".

Things I like:

Things I don't like:


Rotating Catchphrases (that Eric and others have noticed): (This is out of date but I still like these quotes.)

"This is a fundamentally [good / bad / awesome / etc] idea [and cannot fail]."
"[nyoro~n / uguu~ / so nano ka~ / ~nanodesu / etc]"
"I'm going to go back to my room and pretend to sleep now."
"I'm a winner!"
"NO U"
"I [am / am not] a pedophile." (protip: Eric is not a pedophile)
"I'm here to [do homework / play Smash / etc] and kick ass, and I'm all out of ass."
"I blame [Grand Theft Auto / Fox News / the liberal media / 4chan / etc]."
"And by [topic], I mean [completely unrelated topic]."
"Oh, that's right, I don't exist."
"Kick ass. Take names."
"something something [noun] something something."
(in response to "f***ing [noun]") "You shouldn't be doing that with your [noun] / do [noun]s do that? / etc."
(in response to "f*** you, Eric") "*cheesy grin* REALLY? ... aw."
"Let's rock this, hardcore style."
"On a scale from one to [adjective], how good of an idea is..."
"You, sir, are doing it INCORRECTLY."
"*something compromising* ... I mean, I said nothing"
The word 'redoxulous'
Any attempt to slit wrists using non-sharp objects (examples: spoons, Nerf guns, controllers, etc)

Other Random Quotes (because Eric is too OCD to let these fall into the Rotating Catchphrase section)

"I wonder if I have a graphics card in here."
"They didn't look like orgy material." (source: ITR Games)
"This is the kinkiest physics problem ever."
in response to "you need a girlfriend" "2D or 3D?"
"i am proud of the legacy i have left on the world, also kind of sorry"

Previous Page Headers:

 My beloved Harvey Mudd, the bountiful bandwidth running through it. 
 You who seeks Eric Aleshire, follow the text down the page and seek the weeaboo.
 If you follow the path to East 151-153, you will find TimeSuckXIII. 
 In the private side, look for the desk the four will tell you of. 
 Underneath sleeps the student of Computer Science 2012. 

 Good morning. What a surprise that you still haven't been forced to ITR.
 By this point, Mudd must expect a lot from you.
 Classes do not take place only in the academic end.
 This time, how about taking a little peek at the 5Cs?
 They say if you know your algorithms, you need not code a hundred lines.
 The difficulty depends on you. 
 Your style of fighting up until now will influence the difficulty.

 STAGE 2009-10
 TimeSuck XIII
 East 151-153

 The weeaboo EastiePerson is approaching at full throttle.
 According to the data, it is identified as EricAleshire.

 Be attitude for gains:
 1) ComputerScience '12
 2) Touhou Project
 3) Anime Addict


 Heaven or Hell
 Semester 3
 Let's Rock!

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