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GeekQuest, originally titled Mudd-Quest, is a point-and-click computer adventure game created by AlexBobbs based on HarveyMuddCollege (or at least, HarveyMuddCollege as it existed during 1999-2003). The basic premise has a highschool student completing odd tasks at the fictitious STY ("Smarter Than You") Tech, so that the Dean of Students will pull some strings and get him/her admitted.

GeekQuest Volume 1 takes place entirely in EastDorm and features several current and former EastieSuites, including TimeSuck, ProctorSuite, CrackSuite, ChessersSuite, FroshCloneSuite, and GsixtyThree. HarvieHamster appears, along with a ChessersPlayer, the EastDormProctor, and a lazy VideoGame addict (who loves DynastyWankersFour and the LostLevels). The player is assigned to recover the Founder's Plaque, which a prankster has stolen in order to prevent the Dean from removing it from the dorm (In real-life, circa 2002, the powers that be ordered the Founder's Plaque to be moved from EastDorm to Hixon Court, although the actual plaque is not made of solid gold). Reference is also made to various other real-life Eastie things, including Stumpy the MonkeyPuppet, the Tome of Eternal Darkness, and a semi-controversial lewd painting that appeared on the EastDorm bar before some vandal ruined it.

The current release of GeekQuest Vol. 1, also featured on the flash site Newgrounds, is here: http://u.arizona.edu/~abobbs/MuddQuest.html

Newgrounds Version: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/324057

GeekQuest Volume 2 expands the scope of the game to cover about half of the residential side of campus as well as Bernard Field Station. The player is now sent to neutralize the out-of-control power systems of STY tech, which have been tampered with by pranksters and are inexplicably hidden behind secret passageways. An ally, named Susan (based vaguely on Susie from "Calvin and Hobbes") joins the player, offering occasional help. All four QuadDorms are accounted for, along with the LAC, Platt (as it was back when it was a dining hall), and the Fieldstation. East Alums KatieLewis, JoshMiddendorf, AvaniGadani, and ShamikMaitra lend their voices to the expanded cast of characters.

GeekQuest Vol. 2 is currently considered to be completed as of June 2007. http://u.arizona.edu/~abobbs/MuddQuest2.html

Newgrounds Version: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/384639

GeekQuest Volume 3 diverges from both reality as well as the previously established game formula. Trapped in underground ruins of the school's past (inspired by the Libra Complex), the player must dodge Grues, Velociraptors, and other such perils while trying to escape. The puzzles now focus on minigames and logic challenges based on the 6 majors of HarveyMuddCollege, and finally explain the truth behind the player's mission (sort of).

Qeek Quest Vol. 3 is considered complete as of May 2008. http://u.arizona.edu/~abobbs/MuddQuest3.html

Newgrounds Version: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/441158

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