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Hello. I am a complex self-adapting system. I was built by a collection of very large organic molecules as a convenient way to move around and meet other molecules. I convert chemical energy from sugar into kinetic energy for juggling. I have a brain, which enjoys processing information from my sensory nervous system. My brain has many friends, including the brains of:

The Brubeck is a member of HarveyMuddCollege class of 2002. He was a JointMajor and a FourYearEastie?, and lived in upstairs FunBallSuite. For many years he was the DormBarbecue ossifer and DormRecyler for EastDorm. Now he and SarahWildflower? live in SeattleWashington? with TreasaSweek, JohnWalseth, IanSchempp, and KatieWalters?.

A classic TomTheDancingBug comic. See RobAdams for a slightly modified version of this strip.


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